Poor eBay SEO? 5 Unique Ways to Boost eBay Traffic

Here are some of my personal secrets that increased my eBay traffic:

#1 – Create Many Similar Listings

What’s better : 1 listing or 10 listings? For my former eBay business, instead of creating 1 listing called ‘Games Console’, I created many, with titles like:

And so on… eBay doesn’t allow duplicate listings, but chances are you’ll get away with subtly creating many similar listings with small differences. This neat trick earned me some very cheap leads!

#2 – List Internationally

If you sell internationally, your eBay listings will be shown on international eBay sites, which gets a lot more traffic! AND, you could even create an eBay account on international sites, list manually on their sites and sell in foreign currencies. I did this with my former business, and created all of the numerous listings as described above, and was able to psychologically price my items to end in .99 and make many more sales.

#3 – Improve your Policies

Long Returns Policy
eBay favours sellers that deliver more value, and sellers who offer better returns policies and satisfy more customers increase their search engine rankings.

Free, 1st class and Next Day Delivery
eBay thinks you’re delivering better value for your customers, so it’s always good to have an option for free shipping (if possible), 1st class and next day delivery. eBay sends more traffic to listings that cater for everyone and are more likely to make the sale.

#4 – Add more Information

Things like including more photos and completing more item specifics (boxes with checkmarks) all contribute to more traffic . Make sure the filenames of the images you upload contain keywords you’re targeting.

#5 – Keywords in Variations

If you can’t fit all of your target keywords in the listing title, don’t panic – there are other ways! If you sell product variations, add keywords in the variation names, and your listing will show for searches of that variation. This was particularly effective for my toy pellets listing. I knew that people were searching for terms like ‘biodegradable pellets’ and ‘glowing pellets’, so I placed these under my product variations in the same listing, and the traffic skyrocketed!

Traffic is the lifeblood to your business , and if you think outside the box a bit, there are subtle ways of improving your business – even on eBay!

Thanks for Reading

I hope you can improve your eBay SEO score and drive a ton of traffic to your eBay listings!

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Cheers, and Good Luck.


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