How to Create a Website for your Business
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Want to Create a Website for your Business?

I didn’t understand how to create a website when I started my first business, nor did I understand hosting, domains, emails and so forth. I found out the hard way and ended up becoming a qualified web developer in the process! I’m here to help you get to know your bearings and understand how it can be done. You don’t necessarily need to pay a developer to create a website and there are professional tools you can use - and it's easy.

As an honest reviewer, know upfront that I receive commissions for mentioning merchants (click here for details) but recommend them as I've used them to achieve my goals and they help my followers achieve theirs.

Test the domain name checker below to see if your desired URL is available:

Check Domain

Step 1: Find a Domain Name

Check the availability of your desired domain name using the tool below:

Check Availability Note: A domain name is just the text in your website's URL (e.g. Google's is - yours could be

Step 2: Buy Domain Name & Web Hosting

Having used various hosting providers, I recommend GoDaddy who offer great value and fast website-loading speeds.

Get a BIG DISCOUNT by clicking the button below. I have a deal with GoDaddy that gives newcomers a discount.

Get Hosting & Domain Note: web hosting is just the gateway that allows your website access to the internet. You can add extras if required (such as emails).

Step 3: Install Wordpress

Installing Wordpress is easy. Watch the video above or follow these simple instructions:

  1. Log into GoDaddy
  2. Click 'Add Site'
  3. Select the Site Type
  4. Select Website
  5. Select Location
  6. Create WordPress Login
  7. Click Install
Note: Wordpress is a popular content management system - in other words, it just allows you to design, add and update content on your website.

Step 4: Choose a Design

There are numerous free designs available. To install a design, watch the video or follow these simple instructions:

  1. Go to your dashboard (
  2. Select ‘themes’ from the 'Appearance' tab
  3. Click 'Add'
  4. Search for 'Astra'
  5. Click 'Install', then 'Activate'
  6. Select 'Add' from the 'Plugins' tab
  7. Search 'Astra'
  8. Click 'Install', then 'Activate'
  9. Select 'Astra Sites' from the 'Appearance' tab
  10. Select 'Elementor'
  11. Preview any design by clicking 'Preview'
  12. Click 'Install Plugins', then 'Import Site' to install a design
Note: a theme is just the design layout of your website. It will also be mobile responsive. Business Layout

Step 5: Add Content

Finally, just add your business name, create the pages you need and make a navigation bar.

To Edit a Page:

  1. Navigate to the page
  2. Click 'Edit with Elementor' (not just 'Edit)
  3. Use the intuitive drag and drop interface to edit as you like

To Edit the Header and Footer:

  1. Go to (after logging into WordPress)
  2. Select 'Customise'
  3. Click a blue icon to make a change
  4. Click 'Publish'

To Create a New Page:

  1. Go to (after logging into WordPress)
  2. Click 'New' > 'Page'
  3. Enter a Name
  4. Click 'Edit with Elementor'
  5. Either (1) add a new section (Click 'Add Section' > 'Select Layout' > Drag & Drop elements from the toolbar)
  6. Or (2) use a template (Click 'Add Template' > Preview a Design > Click 'Insert')
  7. Add/edit Content
  8. Click 'Update'

That's it!

Follow these steps and your website will be working for your business.

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