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about me

Hi all. I'm Nick - a motivated, self-taught eCommerce entrepreneur (‘eCommercepreneur’). I started my first business at 16 when I was still at school, selling on eBay, Amazon and on my own eCommerce store. It involved created brands, finding suppliers, importing LCL & FCL shipments from Shanghai, manufacturing OEM products with my own trademarks, and have since specialised in digital eCommerce. I have also worked in marketing, the building services industry and as a web developer, and have work experience at Peter Jones TV.

what's your purpose?

I want to help people build their web-based businesses and avoid making the mistakes I've made. There's a lot I wish I knew when I started, like how to source products, create brands, build an eBay listing, eCommerce store or website, marketing, the law, etc and I want to teach people the same way I wish I was taught. I understand their situation and learned the hard way. I'm also not shamed to admit that I'm trying to make a living from it.

my business career so far

To summarise: you can’t learn any of the above by going to university folks!

what advice can you give to new eCommercepreneurs?

Start now, enjoy it & learn from it.

Only sell a product or service that interests you, otherwise it'll hinder your motivation and progress. It's also not necessary to spend a fortune at a university or business school when learning about business, which is a mistake I made. Short courses and reading books are much better and more focussed, yet pragmatic experience is above all. As Richard Branson says: "You don't learn to walk by following rules. You learn by doing, and by falling over".

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