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Automate Your Business

If you don't already use email marketing then let me tell you this: it's costing you in lost sales.

I initially disregarded email marketing, assuming that it wouldn't work and not wanting to pay for it. I didn't know how it worked, how to set it up and thought it would be ok to wait without it; I was wrong! And the longer I waited, the higher the opportunity cost was. Now I can make sales by sending emails, offering coupons, recycling traffic, and so on.

Set it up, then benefit from it over and over again - on autopilot.

My Advice

Start on a cheaper subscription plan, then upgrade later. Try it to discover ways it can work for your business. Write the email automations and create sign-up baits before buying a software subscription.

My Recommended Provider

Check out my recommended email marketing provider. I discovered that many providers are either overpriced, have annoying flaws (e.g. having to manually remove subscribers, or limited automations), don't have or make you pay extra for valuable features (e.g. tagging or scoring), or have hidden charges (e.g. double or triple charging for subscribers who are on multiple lists).


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Get your free email marketing cheat sheet to discover list building methods, sign-up bait ideas, content ideas, automation techniques, how to clean your list, beginner advice and how to choose a provider.



Browse my email marketing tips for unique advice about how it can work for your business.

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