How to Create a Personal Blog
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Want to Create a Personal Blog?

I didn’t know what a blog was before I built my first blog. A blog is simply a type of website usually used for personal (e.g. from a hobby or interest) or informational (e.g. skincare) content. Building a blog requires little time or effort if done the right way. This page details a step-by-step process of creating a blog from scratch - it's easy!

To be completely transparent, know upfront that I receive payments for mentioning merchants (click here for details) but recommend them as they’ve helped me and my followers create blogs.

A blog is not to be confused with a static website. Blogs tend to be less formal, more social, interactive, personal and are frequently updated; static websites are often formal, organisational, transactional, descriptive of products or services, have a one-way communication and change infrequently.

Don’t worry if you’re confused. Usually it's best to just create a blog. To summarise: blogs are essentially better for creating regular content whereas a static website is better for creating an inactive site.

The URL checker lets you check if the domain name you want is available:

URL Checker

Step 1: Choose a URL Name

Use this URL tool to check the availability of the URL name you want:

Check Availability Note: A URL name (or 'domain name') is the text in the web address that people type to visit your website (e.g. YouTube's is - yours could be

Step 2: Buy URL & Web Hosting

GoDaddy is my recommended choice for hosting your website due to their simplicity, value for money and customer service. They have offices and servers in multiple countries and are reliable.

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Get URL & Hosting NOTE: web hosting is just a space on the internet for your website; it is required to deploy your site. Extras are available if required (e.g. emails).

Step 3: Install Wordpress

Wordpress installation is quick and easy - watch the video or follow these steps to do so:

  1. Log into GoDaddy
  2. Select 'Add Site'
  3. Define Site Type
  4. Choose Website
  5. Set Location
  6. Create Personal Login
  7. Install
Note: Wordpress is just a content management system that allows you to change your website content. It's ideal for beginners!

Step 4: Select a Theme

Browse the available themes and choose the theme that best suits your needs. Watch the video or follow these steps to install a theme:

  1. Log into GoDaddy
  2. 'Manage' from 'Managed Wordpress'
  3. Select 'WP Admin'
  4. Log into Wordpress
  5. Select 'Appearance' 'Themes'
  6. Choose a theme and click 'Install'
  7. Activate your theme
NOTE: themes are the visual layout of your site. Blog Layout

Step 5: Add Information

Now for the fun part: you just need to add text, images or whatever you want. It's also good to add a site title, make a navigation bar and add static pages or blog posts.

Add a logo/avatar & site title:

  1. Visit your dashboard
  2. Choose 'Appearance' 'Customise'
  3. Choose 'Site Identity' & edit the title

Create static pages:

  1. Visit your dashboard
  2. Choose 'Pages' 'Add New'
  3. Populate with details (e.g. title & body)
  4. Publish

Create interactive posts:

  1. Visit your dashboard
  2. Choose 'Posts' 'Add New'
  3. Populate with details (e.g. title & body)
  4. Add a category
  5. Publish

Create a navigation bar:

  1. Choose 'Appearances' 'Menus'
  2. Enter menu name (e.g. 'navigation bar')
  3. Select the included pages on the bar
  4. Add the pages to the bar'
  5. Tick the 'Primary Menu' box
  6. Save

That's it!

Now your personal blog is installed with Wordpress!

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