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A Quick Comparison

Take a look at the differences between the pro and free HTML template versions:

Free Template

*most converting*

Pro Template

Tablet & Mobile-friendly Design
Standalone Images Option
Avoids JavaScript
Optimised Header Images
(only optimised for desktop)
Standalone Image Sizes
(10%, 25%, 50%, 75% & 100% widths)
(5%, 10%, 15%... up to 100% wide)
Gallery with Rollover Images
Attention Hooks
Different Header Image on Mobiles
Background Colour Control
Repositional Navbar Links
Optimum Font Sizes
Styled Subheadings
Optional Video Button
Semantic Elements (better search rank)
Hidden Attribution Link
Limited time offer: get 20% off this template now using discount code PROTEMPLATEPROS

Problems Solved

Optimised listings will convert more prospects into paying customers over time and drive more sales to your business. Here are some problems the pro template solves that the free template doesn't:

Reduced Scrolling
Many prospects don’t scroll down the page far enough to see enough details. The Rollover Image Gallery and Attention Hooks exhibit the main features before having to scroll down, before the prospect loses interest and bounces.
'Hooking' Prospects
You dont have much time to entice prospects to your offer. The best way is to list a summary of the key value drivers to your product. Just like Amazon does, the pro template allows this and will capture prospects’ attention before it’s too late.
Optimised Mobile Viewing
The pro version has an additional 'mobile' header image that’s optimised for mobiles. Your prospects will be able to identify your brand more clearly and will perceive you as more professional.
Search Engine Rankings
From the outset of HTML5, new ‘semantic’ elements affect the way search engines perceive and rank web pages. The pro template features semantic tags in the code to help boost its presence in search engines. More traffic means more sales.
Prospects will be able to access information more easily and quickly thanks to the rollover thumbs on the image gallery. The main features of a sale page prospects pay attention to are images, and being able to just roll your cursor over a thumb to see all images gives them fast access to information that provides answers to their questions.

A Final Note

Thank you for considering my pro eBay template. It has been a lot of hard work to build but should work well! This is an eBay template designed for those who are serious about creating the most efficient eBay listings ahead of your competitors, and should have a high conversion rate that focuses on generating the most possible sales.

You may like to hear that:

I offer the 30 day money back guarantee to prevent you from worrying that you won't be able to use it, and I'm confident that you can anyway. If you cannot use it or are unsatisfied with it, just get in touch within 30 days of buying it and you're entitled to your money back. You can also try the free version first.

The free version is still a good listing but not as high at converting than the pro version. You also need to realise that if your current listing isn't great, it's costing you sales - and worse is it and the longer you wait, the more sales it will cost you!

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I hope this template improves your eBay business!

Best Wishes,


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