EBOOK: Photography Essentials – do you really need an expensive camera?



The photography cheat sheet – everything you need to know about product photography with details about general photography. Skimreadable, value-packed and in quick referential format like my other cheat sheets. 10 pages long.

You might want to read this before considering buying an expensive digital camera! It’s important to understand the basics of photography, understand how factors affect an image or video and learn how to use a camera (and more recently, cameraphones) rather than waste money on expensive equipment and expect decent results.

Covers digital cameras vs smartphones, how to use a camera properly, imagery, videology, replica photorealistic rendered product photography, lighting, basic photography terminology, environment setup, necessary and optional equipment, software recommendations, audio, common photography problems and their solutions (like flickering, sheet creases, seeing fingerprints, dust, glare, background noise, poor colours, stuttering video footage, etc), file formats and which ones to use and when, product photography tips, and more.


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