How you can help

I sometimes get asked by my audience how they can return the favour from the value delivered by my content. The content I create - despite the time and effort involved - is enjoyable and as such I do not perceive it as a chore. Instead of focusing on monetising my work, I feel more enjoyment knowing when I've helped someone and seeing how the content I've created has influenced others - hence why much of my content is provided for free.

Here are some of the ways you can help:

Subscribe to my Social Channels

Subscribing to my YouTube channel, liking my Facebook page or joining the Facebook groups etc helps grow my channel and follower base. Whenever new content is created, it means more people will see it, which really helps!

Comment on my Social Channels

Commenting on my YouTube videos significantly helps boost its search rank, which means more people will discover my content. I really like it when people comment on my videos and this is one of the most helpful favours I can ask for!

Give me ideas

Let me know how I can help you - do you have any struggles, concerns, challenges or curiosities? If you can comment on my social media videos about content I could create then this would give me ideas about content I can create to serve others.

Consider my recommendations

My audience usually needs some of the services recommended on my resources page. Clicking the links on my resources page and then buying generates revenue as I'm an affiliate of some of those services. Note: only buy if you need!

Other monetising

I don't like asking people for money and hence left this at the bottom. Since others have asked, buying my products, selling my products by becoming an affiliate, and donations are appreciated.

Any amount of any type of help is always appreciated - thank you for your support.

Best wishes,


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