Starting Email Marketing for Beginners

Email marketing has been very useful for my business, and depending on your business, chances are it should be able to help in new ways, over and over again. If you think it’s right for your business, that’s great! And don’t worry if you’re a beginner.

If you are already using it, then I hope this can give you some new ideas!

Note: just so you know, the recommendation link is an affiliate link, meaning I may receive a commission for purchases made through that link. The commissions would come at no extra cost to you and would be paid for by the merchant.

Your Free Cheat Sheet

I’ve made a document that may help beginners and email marketing pros:

Download Free Cheat Sheet

It briefly summarises everything you need to know, which might serve as a useful reference guide.

Before Starting, Consider This

If you’re looking to start email marketing then my advice before starting would be to:

Depending on your business, you could also think of some squeeze page & sign-up bait ideas.

Completing the above 2 steps means you’ll be ready to implement changes right away before spending money – because you’ll need to buy an email marketing subscription.

Email Marketing Subscription?

Yep. We all have to pay for it, but it more than covers its costs! If you’re looking for an email marketing provider then I’d suggest visiting:

This will redirect you to my current recommended provider. Having used many different providers before, I’ve discovered that many are either:

My recommendation is one of the cheaper options with great features and no annoying flaws. The above link will update if I ever find a better provider that delivers more value.

Thanks for Reading

I hope you’re able to see how easy email marketing is, and how it could benefit your business.

Feel free to grab a copy of the Free Email Marketing Cheat Sheet to discover further ways email marketing can help your business.

If you’ve found these email marketing automation ideas helpful, please share this page so other beginner email marketers can see them.

Best of luck,


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