13 Email Marketing Content Ideas for your Newsletter

When I started automating my business via email marketing, I struggled to think of what I could write about. It all came together when I considered my own goals (like making sales) and how I could help my audience.

My best advice would be when writing emails, try to deliver value to and help your audience where possible – just like I’m hoping to do for you. Building a rapport and trust will greatly increase the chance of converting prospects into loyal customers.

Here are some ideas that I hope will help:

#1 – Regular Sales

If you have an eCommerce store, you can let your audience know whenever you have any discounts, money off or special deals. This will help drive sales to your business. One company I worked for generated thousands in sales revenue just from 1 email campaign and a relatively small email list!

#2 – New Products

Let your audience know about any new product arrivals to drive sales to them and promote word-of-mouth advertising.

#3 – Coupons

Giving your audience coupons encourages them to spend money. You could create a sense or urgency to entice them to act soon, like stating an ‘offer ends’ deadline.

#4 – Events

If your business runs events, email marketing offers a great opportunity to promote it.

The first 4 tips above are sales-generating emails. Note that, depending on your business, it might be best to ask for sales later, because your audience will be much more receptive to offers after you’ve helped them.

Below are tips to help warm your customer up:

#5 – Regular Content

Any new content that your business creates (like blog posts, videos, social media posts, news, activities, etc) can be boosted by email marketing. You’ll remind your audience about you and deliver value to them.

#6 – Education

Educating your audience is a great way to establish an authority and win their trust. This email is a good example, as I’m trying to teach you how you can improve your business. Is there any ‘how to do this’ email you could write?

#7 – Curiosity

Provoking curiosity is a great way to improve open rates and help your audience. Non-descriptive email titles actually help, e.g. “This method doubled my business’ sales overnight”. Note: but don’t make outlandish claims, or you’ll annoy your audience!

#8 – Quick Wins

Is there any quick task you could get prospects to complete that would help towards a goal? For example, one of my emails in my website startup automation is a ‘choose a domain name in 3 minutes’ challenge.

#9 – Free Resources

As covered in my previous email, free resources generate appreciation, build trust, represent expertise and influence actions. You could directly email prospects giving them something for free, like a guide or checklist, like how I do with my audience.

#10 – Mistakes

People hate making mistakes, and I’ve found that these type of emails have high open rates. Admitting to mistakes I’ve made generates a lot of trust and shows that you care. One of my best emails is titled “9 Common eBay Mistakes to Avoid”.

#11 – Success Stories

Telling your audience how a product or service you offer has helped someone is far more relatable than just listing the benefits. Prospects can then visualise how it could help them.

#12 – Warnings

Can you warn your audience about something? I’ve found that my warning email titled “BEWARE: What eBay Doesn’t Want You To Know About Refunds” has a very high open rate and a lot of replies thanking me personally.

Other than than above, you can also use your audience to get useful data:

#13 – Feedback

Discovering any problems or unfulfilled needs of your customers means you may spot gaps in the market. You can also ask your audience how your products and services can be improved.

Thanks for Reading

There’s a reason why so many businesses use email marketing – because it’s very profitable! If you’re subscribed to newsletters of the likes of eCommerce stores, you’ll see how they’re monetising emails they send you.

I hope you now have a better idea about what to write about in your emails and newsletter. You can start writing about content that will be valued by your audience and make you sales.

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Cheers! Best of luck.


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