Email Marketing Automation Ideas to Influence your Customers & Prospects

There are so many ways you can help your audience to win their trust and make them buy from you over your competitors. I want to make you aware of how powerful automation in email marketing can be.

What Are Automations?

Automations are just a series of pre-made emails that are automatically sent to part or all of your audience over time.

Why Should I Care?

You should care because once you’ve built the automated system, you’ll keep benefitting from it over and over again. You could create more sales, drive and retain more traffic, collect new leads, improve your reputation, reduce strain on your customer services, save time and acquire valuable data.

If you want to explore these benefits in more detail, just check out my benefits of email marketing article.

How Does It Work?

So just write a load of emails that (1) help your audience while (2) promoting your products and automatically send the emails to the right people. Here are a couple of ways I use automation:

#1 – eBayers
eBayers who sign up via my eBay squeeze page receive a series of emails advising them how to improve their eBay businesses while promoting products like my pro eBay template. Their emails are added to an ‘eBayers’ segment.

#2 – Website Starters
People looking to create their own website sign up to receive a free guide on my website building squeeze page and are then sent emails guiding them through the process, while promoting web hosting etc products that I’m affiliated with. Their emails are listed under a segment of website starters.

What Could I Write About?

To discover what you could email your audience ultimately depends on your business, but ask yourself:

For more content ideas, check out my content ideas article.

How Could I Structure Automations?

The way I see it is automations are a main task or process, and each email constitutes part of the automation. For example, if you’re in the car industry:

Main task (an automation): how to take care of your car
Parts (emails): how to perform an oil change, how to clean your headlights, the best places to get your car serviced/MOT’d, etc

Other example automations could be how to care for your fish, how to maintain your garden, how to get fit – the list is endless.

Thanks for Reading

I hope you’re beginning to see new ways of how automation can help your business!

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