7 Simple Email Marketing List Building Ideas

There are many different ways to get easy subscribers on an email marketing list.

Let me enlighten you with some ideas:

#1 – Customers’ Emails

If your list is small or you haven’t made one yet, you could start by collecting your customers’ emails and add them to the list (with their consent). They’ll already be engaged with your brand, products and content.

#2 – Checkout Opt-ins

If you have an eCommerce store, you could add a subscriber opt-in checkbox on your checkout page. Remember that, due to GDPR regulations, this box has to be initially unchecked.

#3 – Pop-ups

Having pop-ups appear will ensure prospects see the sign-up opportunity. However, excess pop-ups can annoy your audience, especially to those who’ve already signed up! Perhaps configure pop-ups to only show when your prospect is about to leave your website and restrict them to show on specific pages.

#4 – Email Signature

Adding links to emails linking to a sign-up or squeeze page will spread the word indirectly. Beware to not make it look too spammy though!

#5 – Social Media

If you have a following on social platforms like Facebook or Twitter, add links to posts or the description section of your channels.

#6 – Squeeze Pages

My personal favourite – build landing pages that aim to capture sign-ups. Offering something for free is a very effective way to get prospects to give you their emails in exchange for the sign-up bait.

Check out my Email Marketing Squeeze Page as an example.

#7 – Paid Ads

A quick way to get subscribers is to essentially buy them. The likes of Facebook have revolutionised advertising since you can target very specific prospects, and it’s a very powerful tool to scale up your business!

Thanks for Reading

If you’re serious about email marketing then I hope you can use these ideas to kickstart or grow your email marketing journey! Sooner or later you’ll see your list start to grow. And remember – the quality of your email list is imperative, so be sure to remove emails that don’t provide value in return.

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Good Luck!


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