The Best eBay Seller Alternative – The Truth

eBay Seller Problems

eBay is a great place to start selling, but as you know, eBay is:

As your business grows, people start to recognise you and repeat-buyers may buy from you again. But you’ll still have to pay the sale fees, even though you’d still make those sales. So why continue to pay them?

The Best eCommerce Alternative

My suggestion is simple: build your own eCommerce store!

Coming Off eBay?

I’m not suggesting stopping selling on eBay – but if you also had your own eCommerce store, you’d be able to receive the benefits of having one and spread the risk to not relying on just eBay. You’d also have somewhere to send your marketing efforts, and have countless additional opportunities of new ways of generating traffic – like with social media, blogging, landing pages, SEO, advertising and so on.

How Could I Build an eCommerce Store?

I always assumed I’d need to hire a web developer to build one for me, but since becoming a web developer myself, let me tell you this:

the web has drastically evolved, and anyone can easily do it themselves.

Building one is quick, easy, cheap and will take your business to the next level. I already have an in-depth video tutorial about how to build an eCommerce store, but first I’d strongly suggest watching my quick introductory video about how to build a general website in under 10 minutes:

You’d be surprised how easy it is! And it’s quite rare, and difficult to truly grow on just eBay. All serious eCommerce businesses eventually have their own eCommerce store.

Thanks for Reading

I hope this has given you insight into the opportunity cost, and to know there’s a way out of relying on eBay (if you do).

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